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ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System is FDA-approved, physician-controlled, computer-assisted technology is able to give you fuller, younger-looking hair while eliminating the drawbacks typically associated with older transplant methods.

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Coolsculpting is a cutting-edge, non-invasive body shaping treatment that effectively reduces fat in areas of the body. The completely no-downtime fat reduction procedure is accomplished by the scientific principle of "Cryolipolysis".

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Intima Touch™ is specially designed to address and restore vaginal laxity in a painless, non-surgical manner. It uses Viveve's patented radio frequency technology to stimulate new collagen production in the treated vaginal tissues, restoring its suppleness and firmness over 30-90 days after the treatment.

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Nova 3R

3-in-1 infrared treatment for triple the benefits, triple the radiance.

Nova 3R skin rejuvenation Women today realise that they do not have one problem but a multitude of skin concerns, from brown spots to saggy skin to open pores. One type of treatment is no longer sufficient to address the problems of our modern day skin.

Introducing Nova 3R, the FDA approved treatment from Geneva, Switzerland. It is an unique 3-in-1 system that gives you thrice the benefits of normal treatments. The 3 Rs of Nova 3R:

Rejuvenate --- removes pigment and broken capillaries
Remodel --- skin visibly tightens
Renew --- replacing tired skin with healthier, brighter cells

How does Nova 3R work?

Nova 3R uses a non-fractional infrared broadband light. The first step involves the tightening of the skin with gentle, painless infrared spectrum. The second step involves removal of skin pigments and discolouration with intense pulsed light spectrum. The final step involves stimulation of cells with photobiomodulation, resulting in brighter skin and smaller pores.

What conditions can be treated with Nova 3R?

- Pigmentation (freckles, brown spots, age spots)
- Broken capillaries
- Enlarged pores
- Wrinkles
- Saggy dull skin
- Acne and acne marks

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is comfortable. There is no downtime after the treatment. You can apply makeup to the area immediately after and continue with normal activities

How many sessions are needed?

Depending on your skin condition, you may need 3 to 6 sessions. The doctors at The Sloane Clinic will advise you further.

What age group is most suitable for Nova 3R?

Anyone above the age of 20 will benefit from Nova 3R. After 20 years, our collagen breaks down, pigment and other sun and age-related damage begins to appear on our skin. Nova 3R is an effective and elegant way to reduce the damage on our skin as well as to maintain a healthy, radiant and enviable visage for the years to come.

Nova 3R is suitable for both men and women.