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Light Lift uses FDA-approved GentleYAG technology, the fastest and most powerful Nd:Yag laser on the market today. It treats ALL skin types safely, offering unmatched safety profile and treatment capabilities in facial tightening and skin rejuvenation.

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Dream Sculpture is the technique of using Sculptra to boost your skin's own collagen reserves so it will stay young, supple and lifted for longer. It works not as a filler or as botulinum toxin (BOTOX®) but as a 'fertilizer' for your skin to produce your own collagen over time (4-6 weeks).

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Cheek Sculpt is a specialised technique that uses highly structural hyaluronic acid fillers to augment and define the natural prominence of your cheeks, giving you the appearance of higher cheekbones.

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Nose Reshaping, Reduction And Reconstruction Surgery

Asian Rhinoplasty

The diversity of the continent of Asia consists of several races and ethnic groups. Thus, nasal shapes and structures of Asian noses vary in height and width. The aim of Asian rhinoplasty is to create an attractive and yet natural-looking Asian nose that blends harmoniously with the ethnic face.


In nose refinement, one of the things that is commonly done would be reducing the 'wings' or alar of the nose, making the nose look narrower and smaller. This is commonly done together with nasal augmentation, which raises the bridge and tip of the nose at the same sitting.
Rhinoplasty nose refinements
Reducing nose alar surgery