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Silhouette Lift

One of the most advanced non-surgical face lift procedures available!

As we age, our facial tissue starts to lose its firmness and volume. This results in a sagging, worn-out appearance, prompting many people to seek face lifts.

Non-surgical face lift procedures provide an alternative to surgery. The thread lift is one such procedure, involving the minimally invasive use of fine needles and threads.

Thread lifts have become increasingly popular, and there are now several different types of thread lifts - one of the most advanced being the Silhouette Lift, which used the revolutionary Silhouette sutures ("the suture of the future").

Compared to the conventional barbed suture, the unique patented design of the Silhouette suture allows for tissue growth inside and around flexible, dissolvable and hollow cones, therefore creating a much stronger anchoring mechanism:
Silhouette Lift
Silhouette suture
Silhouette Lift
Conventional barbed suture
The Silhouette suture is different from barb sutures. Barbed suture is created when cuts are made in the shaft of conventional sutures, weakening the inherent strength of the thread. Silhouette sutures utilize clear, flexible and dissolvable sutures. Once the cones dissolved completely, tissue growth around the small knots will allow for tissue suspension.


  • Non-surgical: This minimally invasive lift enables you to avoid the risks of general anaesthesia, and the downtime required with surgery.
  • Quick: It typically takes no more than an hour!
  • Instant results: See the effects immediately.
  • Longer-lasting: The Silhouette suture's revolutionary cone and knot design make it stronger and longer – lasting.
  • Minimal downtime: A week after the procedure, you'll be back to your normal routine.
  • Safe: Silhouette Lift is approved by both the US FDA and the European Agency for the Evaluation of the Medicinal Products (EMEA).
  • Less discomfort: The Silhouette sutures are finer in thickness, and the round, soft cones eliminate the pinprick pain caused by barbed sutures.


  • Local anaesthetic is administered.
  • Micro - incision: insertions of sutures.
  • Anchoring of absorbable micro - cones deep within the facial tissues.
  • Attachment and fastening the suspension sutures.
  • Closure of the incision.

No test is required before the procedure. The procedure itself takes approximately 60 minutes. No follow up treatments are required. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and mild painkillers for discomfort. The procedure leaves no scars.