A pair of ill-defined eyes with bulgy, heavy eyelids tends to make you look more tired and older than you actually are. The creation of a double eyelid via a double eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty) will help to uncover a portion of the natural eye contour, creating the appearance of bigger and rounder eyes that are more attractive and alluring. And when you are faced with persistent eyebags due to fat protrusion which tends to worsen with age, an eyebag removal surgery (lower blepharoplasty) can be performed to remove the fat pad and refresh your look.

Fillers for nose augmentation are often used to create a higher and more defined nose bridge. However, for a more permanent solution, a nose augmentation surgery (rhinoplasty) using silicone nose implants or in some instances from the patient's own cartilage (taken from the ear, nose or rib) is used for a more natural result.

If you are looking to up your breast cup by one to two sizes and is considering a breast augmentation surgery but are afraid that you may not like the results. Our plastic surgeon at The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre will perform the VECTRA 3D which is an imaging simulator that enables you to have a three-dimensional visual of what you will look pre and post surgery. Hence, allowing you to approach plastic surgery with more confidence.

Youth is not just in the eyes of the beholder, but in the fat! Studies have shown that we perceive fuller, more supple faces to be more youthful-looking than their more gaunt or sunken counterparts. Turn back the ageing clock with baby fat restoration that grants you a instant youthful "baby face". Results are customised to your facial shape and features, thus giving you optimal results. One of the benefits of fat transfer is that latest innovation led to improvements of long term survival of grafted fat. Many patients find that the results last many years with some of the patients even found the results to be permanent.

Seize today's opportunities and wait not for tomorrow's dreams. Discover your own little miracle of graceful ageing.