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LED Plus photomodulation is a medical breakthrough that's proven to be effective for gentle skin renewal which enhances the healing process of the damages inflicted upon your sun scorched skin.

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Fraxelâ„¢ Laser Treatment improves your appearance by affecting only a fraction of your skin at a time with thousands of tiny microscopic laser spots just as a photographic image is restored, pixel by pixel.

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Revitalift can help to rejuvenate tired lacklustre dehydrated skin at any age, at the first sign of skin aging or even in the advanced lined, thinned out, crepey stage.

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Illumi Facial

Not really a laser. Not just a facial...

For those who want the benefits of an aesthetic procedure that is able to clinically lift the skin yet not forego the comforts of a facial, look no further than The Sloane Clinic's Illumi-facial.

First, infra-red light is administered by our skilled therapists to penetrate the skin to restore the elasticity and lift saggy skins.

This painless procedure is followed by a restorative illuminative facial that will give your skin an instant luminosity and helping your skin become party ready with no downtime!

This treatment combines the long term benefits of clinically effective infra-red energies and the instant results of a skin-replenishing facial treatment.

Recommended for ageing, saggy or dull skin. (or anyone who secretly wants to look younger)