Radiance Program

The Sloane Clinic Radiance Program Nova 3R is an intelligent Swiss based technology that uses three types of light energies to give you the simultaneous effects of skin tightening, pigment removal and cell renewal.

The Radiance program combines the anti-ageing and skin brightening effects of Nova 3R and the beneficial properties of deep cleansing and world renowned Go Glow Facial from LA to give your skin the gentlest yet most visible radiance and youth-enhancing luminosity.

No downtime from all sessions.

Program price SGD$5350

[+] Nova 3R
[+] Go Glow Facial
[+] Ultrasonic Deep cleansing

Program Details: 5 sessions Nova3r, 3 Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing, 2 Go Glow Facials, 3 Whitening Facial Wraps.

Location: ION branch