Neck & Jaw Program

The Sloane Clinic Neck & Jaw Program As we age, we tend to focus our TLC on our faces, leaving our necks to face the brunt of the aging process. That's why our beauty gurus have come up with this signature Neck & Jaw Program to help turn back the clock on this neglected area.

With three options to address neck woes from mild to 'oh my god', restoring the youthful suppleness, elasticity and sensual smoothness of this vital area is now definitely possible.

Retouch: For mild skin crepiness, this touch-up is all you need to face the world with confidence.

Restore: For those serious about restoring the suppleness of the skin as well as preventing future aging, this rejuvenative treatment will turn back the aging clock for you

Redefine: This ultimate neck & jawline treatment aims to not only restore the neck's suppleness and elasticity, but also to recontour, reshape and tighten sagging skins of the jawline and neckline to give you a more lifted appearance all round.

Program price: SGD$1079 (Retouch); SGD$2033 (Restore); SGD$5136 (Redefine)

[+] Micro-Refine
[+] Thermage
[+] Ulthera

Program Details:
Retouch - MicroRefine, MicroRevitalift
Restore - 2 sessions Microrefine, 2 sessions MicroRevitalift
Redefine - 2 sessions MicroRefine, 2 sessions MicroRevitalift, Thermage/ Ulthera of jaw & neck

Location: All branches