Hair Maximizer Program

The Sloane Clinic Hair Maximizer Program There's nothing sexy about peek-a-boo when it comes to your scalp-so stop playing games and get on with cultivating a lusher, fuller head of hair. Deliver health to your scalp, ooh-la-la to your hair bulbs, and nirvana to follicles - naturally - with this bestselling Hair Maximizer Program.

Strengthens weakened hair roots and rejuvenates thinning scalps with FDA approved Revage 670 laser, proven to stimulate the growth phase of hair follicles as well as Revitascalp, a holistic 'hair-cial' to support healthy hair growth with vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin E for scalp health and a hefty shot of Minoxidil for a totally 'hair-raising' experience.

Program price: SGD$3478

[+] Revage 670 Laser
[+] Revitascalp

Program Details: 12 sessions Revage 670 laser, 12 sessions of Revitascalp

Location: ION branch