Smog Survival Kit to Beat the Haze

beat the haze

Has the haze got your skin in a daze?

There’s been lots of talk about the effects of pollution on the skin in the recent years. But for those not in the know, here’s a quick summary: It increases free radical production in the skin, causes premature ageing, weakens your skin barrier and can even lead to acne – on top of dehydrated, sensitive, dull skin (the worst kind of acne to tackle, by the way.)

A month-long vacation is a tempting (and extravagant) way to escape this ‘haze’-dous skin saboteur that’s not all practical, but we can all pack these stellar skincare to save our suffering complexions.

Get your glow back with this smog-repelling trio:





Keep calm and moisturise with the best of Nature and Science. Crammed with the super antioxidant power of algae-derived Astaxanthin to neutralise free radicals plus nano-ceramide to fortify the skin barrier and enhance moisture retention, this jelly serum provide weightless hydration and invisible protection without suffocating pores. So you stay radiantly youthful and supple despite the greyish, unfriendly skies.





There’s probably no quicker way to set skin right than slapping on a ‘mask’-ed hero. This pore-plunging mask detoxifies as it revitalises with a blast of oxygen, soothing botanicals, and radiance-ramping amino acids and antioxidants to help lacklustre skin rebound from external and internal stresses.






Antioxidants along with SPF are your lifelong BFFs as they help to stave off premature skin ageing due to UV damage and pollution. Formulated with the most sensitive-skinned city-dwellers in mind, this chemical-free and fragrance-free sunscreen shields you from environmental nasties with its mineral UV-reflectors, free radical-fighting antioxidants, and sweat- and pollution-repelling base. Airborne disaster averted, a candlelit semi-matte finish ensues.



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