Glam-it-up Club

Glam-it-up Club

1 month to Christmas

REVITALIFT FACE replenishes skin that has lost that dewiness sparkle of youth. Infusing skin with vital water-retaining hyaluronic acid, this instant turn-back-the-clock therapy is the answer to not looking your age at your X’mas bash.

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2 weeks to Christmas

LASER TONING is the last minute rescue of choice for dull skin and open pores. Stimulating collagen growth and giving closure to pores, Laser toning ensures your complexion is ‘smooth’-sailing all the way.

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2 days to Christmas

GLAMOUR PEEL puts the glow back into camera-shy skins that just aren’t ready to face the world. A combination of red- carpet exfoliators from O2 infusing skin pick-me-ups to a double dose of gentle lactic acid washes ensures dead cells are a thing of the past.

Finishing touches include a double dose of vital vitamins and antioxidants with skin-priming wraps to ensure you glow all the way till the new year.

– Read more about Glamour Peel

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