Facial Foes & Beauty Woes

Facial Foes & Beauty Woes

Everyone hopes to put their best face forward. As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to finally act on those beauty resolutions so that your personal brand looks ship shape come 2017. Feeling lost? Well, we have listened to all your commonest skin woes and we are here to say “Beauty 911, what’s your emergency?” Wherever you are in the personal comfort zone for beauty treatments, here’s a line-up of professional solutions to help you work towards your skin goals efficiently before the New Year bells ring.

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Brown patches, uneven skin tone


Glamour Peel delivers sexy in a flash with the brilliant fusion of skin translucency optimizers featuring 3 levels of exfoliation to drive colour-balancing ingredients into the skin and dullness & spots out, and a series powerful natural botanical masques to create intensely bright, invitingly soft, and a more even skin tone.

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Spotted and bothered? Go from frustrated to fabulous with Divine Whitening Program. Its synergistic pairing of the spot-correcting, texture-toning Pigment Laser, with the Vitamin Therapy clinical facial which infuses intensive damage-repairing, pigment-preventing actives deep into the skin,will bring out your luminous best now, and into the future.

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Open pores, acne scars


Like cross-training for the complexion, Crystal Clear Facial employs both physical and chemical exfoliation with crystal microdermabrasion and a regenerative fruit peel to decongest pores, tone skin, and heal acne and accompanying marks, before finishing with a brightening mask to have you looking ‘clearly’ polished – on the double.

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Sparkling Skin Program is the insiders’ go-to to retexturise and rejuvenate the skin. The award-winning micro-resurfacing laser renews and rebuilds the dermal cellular and collagen architecture for a dense, resilient framework that translates into visibly fresher velvety complexion, and brighter enlivened eyes.

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Tired looking, lacklustre skin        


Illumi Facial is a pre-party basic that has had its major red carpet moments. A combination of skin revitalising concentrates and collagen toning infrared boost offers a burst of radiance-ramping moisture, cell-refueling antioxidants, and elasticity-restoring energy to invigorate, repair and smooth fatigued, lacklustre skin into a glowing example.

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Radiance Program coddles sleepy or stressed skin back to a baby soft,peachy perfection we all coo about.Steeped in multi-‘face’-ted science, this complexion calibrator marries the Go Glow facial with Swiss light-based technology for boosted effectiveness on all 4 key features of healthy luminous skin: Even clarity, bouncy strength, moisturised plumpness, and refined texture.

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Lines & wrinkles, sagging


Ulthera is the original non-invasive youth freshener that has delivered unrivalled results despite challenges by competitors over the years. This superstar of ultrasound facials penetrates deep into the dermis without injections, supercharging skin’s innate collagen regeneration abilities to firm, lift and sculpt from within for a difference everyone can see, but only you will know.

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Conversations about fighting ageing need to be more than skin deep. Voluma High Definition Lift restores the underlying skin-supporting soft tissue structure that has been eroded away by time, along with the natural smoothness, sharp contour definition, supple plushness and dewy glow associated with youth.

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