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When Kate Moss was spotted at a Stuart Weitzman photo shoot recently, it wasn’t just the fact she was wearing no knickers nor bra under her whisper-thin tee that caught everyone’s attention. The 39-year-old wafer thin supermodel was trotting about with tousled hair and thigh-high boots…. as was her impossibly taut young body double, Natalie Morris.


Fallen Prey to an Ageing Body: Where does the real Kate end and Natalie take over?

The appearance of the Mosselganger highlights two cruel facts: Even genetically-blessed beauties aren’t immune to time-etched dermal changes; and despite Kate’s fabulously-maintained lineless face and razor-sharp cheeks, even the pros make the fatal mistake of blowing their (skin) cover below the neck. So here’s some insider’s glow-how to grab a ‘firm’ hold of ageing bodies in three key spots and give young Natalie a run for her money.

Tell-Tale Spot No. 1: Hands & Arms

If only we slathered on the leftover anti-ageing face cream and sunscreen on the back of our hands and arms, instead of wiping them off our fingers. Sunspots and crinkles on the hands, as well as overt wrinkling and wobbly laxity over the elbows and arms are punishing reminders of our skin neglect.

Give your limbs a second chance with science. The latest Fraxel Light laser brings about a skin rebirth to even out stubborn spots and reverse years of sun damage. Combine this with Revitalift– microinjection of natural hyaluronic acid restores inner hydration, elasticity and dewy smoothness in devitalized hands and elbows. Say ‘no’ to slack arms and elbows with the new Thermage Total Lift, a powerful collagen rejuvenator for a sleeve-liberating bounce back.

Price: Fraxel Light laser hands $1070; Revitalift hands or elbows $1926; Thermage arms and elbows $5885.

Tell-Tale Spot No. 2: Knees

Don’t let those dastardly kninkles give your age away. Subjected to large amounts of movement daily, our knees tend to wrinkle and sag just like our expressive faces.

The synergistic duo of Mixto Micro-Resurfacing laser and Thermage will renew your leg-baring confidence and add spring to your steps by tightening up loose skin intensely, easing away the age rings, and breathing new life into knobbly (and sometimes, scarred) knees.

Price: Mixto Micro-Resurfacing laser knees $2675; Thermage knees and lower thighs (front) $6420.

Tell-Tale Spot No. 3: Butt & Thighs

Time to shift your attention down to the other pair of cheeks: They sucuumb to gravitational pull in a similar way as falling faces and apples. Cellulite is another common dimply dermal affliction in more than 90 percent of ladies, affecting both big babes and slim swans alike, that typically worsens and spread with age. Stretch marks accumulated throughout your life due to puberty, pregnancy and packing on pounds further thwart your shorts and bikini plans.

Thermage employs deep radio frequency thigh-tech to power up collagen regeneration and sideline cellulitic puckers, hence helping you defeat your dimpled destiny and gives the droopy derriere a non-surgical lift. The Fraxel Restore laser perfects your rear view by brushing away the unsightly web of stretch marks with an ultrafine spray of microlaser peel.

Price: Fraxel Restore stretch marks from $2140; Thermage butt and upper thighs (back) $6420.

Don’t throw up your ageing mitts and knees without a fight. With our full arsenal of scientifically-backed strategies, you are free to defy.   

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