5 Skin Commandments for the #twentysomethings

Title: 5 Skin Commandments for the #twentysomethings

The 20′s are a time for exploring career paths, figuring out life, as well as laying the all-important groundwork for preventative skincare – even if you are pretty much happy with that effortless glow you wake up to every morning. The sins of your youth can take time to manifest themselves (at which point they’re much harder to ‘undo’), which is why we recommend you take the following (not-at-all drastic) steps, to prolong your skin’s glow and help keep lines at bay.

Starting a basic legit skin regime (that incorporates proper cleansing, hydration, sun protection, and antioxidant protection against external & internal stresses), as well as sticking to good lifestyle habits may not reap jaw-dropping instant gratification, but in the long run they’ll do more than any miracle time-reversing cream can. Think of it as one big high-five from past self to future self.

#1. Cleanse Carefully


It’s vitally important to give skin a chance to ‘breathe’, which means removing the day’s make up without fail. And remember to respect your complexion – exfoliation is amazing, but don’t overdo it. Use a physical or chemical resurfacing treatment once or twice a week (depending on skin’s tolerance), then choose an ultra-gentle cream or oil-based formula to dissolve grime and leave your face feeling refreshed.

Sloane Inc’s Gentle Cleansing Gel is mild but effective – suitable for easily-offended skin types, as well as those who’re prone to redness or breakouts.

#2. Add an Acid


This sounds absolutely terrifying but it’s one of the best things you can do to keep skin luminous. Glycolic acid – most-commonly derived from sugar cane – dissolves the ‘glue’ that sticks dead cells and debris to skin’s surface. Sloane Inc Sleeping Peel is the ideal acidic toner; suitable for even sensitive visages, it leaves dulled complexions much more light-reflective, while gradually fading acne scars and working to keep breakouts at bay.


#3. Eyes on The Prize


Remember to use eye cream – they’re specially tailored to combat the first signs of ageing and fortify delicate skin. You don’t need anything particularly potent – just something nourishing and preferably elasticising – to keep the skin firm and delay the onset of crow’s feet. A great habit to start at a young age, try Sloane Inc. Oxygen Eye Serum which refreshes dull, shabby panes instantly by reducing the appearance of dark circles and dehydration instantly with its powerful moisture-stabilising complex. Over time, Coenzyme Q10 gold microspheres that penetrate deeply into skin create an enchanting light-infused brightness and smoothness from within for an ageless luminosity that lasts. Perfect For: Quenching and illuminating delicate lids of all skin types.


#4. Get Your Vitamins


Packed with free radical fighters, vitamin C is also a sun-filter – perfect under sunscreen to deflect the sneaky rays that infiltrate your SPF. Sloane Inc’s Vitamin C Elixir works hard to neutralise DNA-damaging free radicals, as well as to support the synthesis of collagen and brighten pigmentation patches.


#5. ALWAYS wear sunscreen


Even when it’s grey/cloudy/snowing… sunscreen is the best thing you can do to maintain skin’s integrity. Take cover like a pro to keep dreaded spots in the shadows and unveil your brilliant best. Sunscreen is non-negotiable – Sloane Inc. SPF 70 does the job exceptionally with non-comedogenic, broad-spectrum protection that does not budge with sweat or sea.

Pretty is what you are born with. But Beautiful, now that’s an equal opportunity adjective. 


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