4 Things You Should Know About the Crystal Tomato

crystal tomato_4 Things You Should Know About Crystal Tomato

Could Snow White have sunken her teeth into this unusual breed of love apple?

This highly effective 100% natural supplement is bursting with powerful skin brightening and whitening benefits. Each pill contains a powerhouse of three naturally cultivated crystal tomatoes rich in youth-enhancing colourless carotenoids that are proven to inhibit melanin synthesis and deliver complexion whitening goodness from within. Potent antioxidants also act as an invisible UV shield, protecting the skin from the Apollo’s omnipresent harmful rays so you stay effortlessly fair and radiant, from top to toe.

Available at The Sloane Clinic. Contact us for more details. 


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    1. Hi Shireen

      It is not yet available in Cape Town, i bought mine from Umhlanga Rocks Pharmacy in Durban on line. Good luck

  1. am so thankful for the information about crystal tomato lightening i would want to buy the product but the issue is they are not available in kenya.

  2. Can i just buy the crystal tomato supplement and cream from your clinic . If so , where is your clinic located

  3. Hi

    Shireen has crystal tomato whitened your skin after using it. I would like to purchase it but I first want to know if it works.

    1. Hi Marcelle! The Crystal Tomato is a natural oral supplement made from a rare breed of non-GMO tomatoes. What’s remarkable about this whitening supplement is that its extremely rare form of colourless vitamin As preferentially concentrate in the skin (as opposed to most oral supplements which are distributed throughout all the body tissues, leaving only a small percentage in the skin), where they calm the pigment-producing melanin cells for a full body fairness and a more even skin tone with time. Its powerful antioxidants also help to enhance the UV protective effect of your sunblock, as well as helping to fight off other environmental and free radical damage that will prematurely age our skin. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi….
    Saya mau tanya apa product crystal tomato di jual di indonesia.
    Jika ada tolong infonya.
    Terima kasih….

    1. Hi! I’m sorry I’m not too sure of that. Do pop by our centrally located clinics if you happen to be in Singapore or KL.

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